My Launch Celebration - Cashew Cream Vegan Cheesecakes


Last Monday, I launched. It was exciting, freeing and nerve-wracking.  My daughter Ella sat with me as I clicked publish. 

I was nervous- ok, terrified. Creating something from scratch and putting it out into the world - challenging, scary yet thrilling. Every graphic, every video, every piece of content is designed, built and created by me. Yes, it's business- but it's also so so personal and I could feel it.

I could see Ella watching me. Many kids grow up in families where their parents 'go to work' each day. They don't talk about money, purpose, success or failure. They stay blissfully unaware. But I want Ella to see.

To see me..

... scared, but taking action. 

... giving too much headspace to others opinions sometimes, but leaping anyway.

... pushing past perfectionism and being satisfied with fantastic enough.

To see that most things worth having often take hard work and discipline to achieve. That sacrifice is often a prerequisite for achieving awesomeness. Something always has to give, and that's ok.

So she sat with me. Waiting. Watching as I clicked away publishing each of the different sites. Then I created the post for Facebook. This was it. I hesitated and turned to look at her. She stared back 'You know' she said, 'you have to do it. There will always be people who are mean, but you can't let them stop you' Who was I to argue with that reasoning :) And so together we launched.

Then I phoned my Dad. After weeks of 'Is, it live yet?' I was starting to feel as though I had an essay overdue. Before long my parents appeared, my husband, Jonathan arrived home, and we celebrated over Prosecco and cake. But not just any cake -my raw Cashew Cream Vegan Cheesecake. It was a 20% Prosecco, 80% raw cake situation :) 

I had spent the day before in the little studio in my house, creating a couple of delicious raw cakes. I made four tasty Cashew Cream Vegan Cheesecakes and a lovely big  Avocado, Passion-Fruit Cacao Cake (coming up next week).

I've been wanting to create recipe videos for ages, and it was so much fun. I had Danielle LaPorte's amazing new podcast LIGHTWORK playing in the background as I chopped, whizzed, pressed and poured. 

The videos are still a work in progress. I am learning as I go. But we all have to start somewhere. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have read my book Hot, Healthy, Happy you may recognise the recipe for the topping.  However, instead of enjoying the Cashew Cream runny over baked apples, this time you need to freeze it so it is cold and firm.

I have been keeping these tasty cakes stored in my freezer and taking them out 20-30 minutes before I am going to serve them. Although saying that my supplies are dwindling fast as my husband seems to have become a little obsessed with them. 


What Equipment Do You Need?

  • Cake tins

  • Cake slice

  • Grease Proof Paper

  • Food Processor

  • Lemon Juicer

  • Sharp Knife

  • Cup Measures

Below I have linked to some of the equipment you see in the video, plus a few lovely additions. If you click the links below, you can pick these up on Amazon. Please note in the video, I am not using a Mini Magimix but the large version.  

Now I want to hear from you!

What have you done recently which was out of your comfort zone but you did it anyway? Have you been holding yourself back from taking that next step because you are feel nervous about what others will think?

And of course, I would love to know if you are planning on making these Cashew Cream Vegan Cheesecakes or if you've ever made anything similar.

Let me know in the comments section below.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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I'm Dr Christy Fergusson PhD, MSc, BA Hons, BSC Hons, CPsych a Doctor Of Psychology, Chartered Health Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Expert.  I am a published Hay House author, former in-house nutritionist at Womens Health Magazine and the food psychologist from Channel 4's hit show 'Secret Eaters'.  

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