Cardiovascular disease Health tests


Cardiovascular Disease Assessment

This is a comprehensive Cardiovascular Disease test includes both traditional Cardiovascular Disease markers along with the most up to date markers for predicting Cardiovascular Disease.  If you have been worried you may be at risk of Cardiovascular Disease, then we highly recommend this test.


Homocysteine Test

Are you worried about Stroke or Cardiovascular Disease? Did you know that high Homocysteine levels are one of the best predictors of these health complications? Now with a simple Homocysteine test you can investigate your risk. Simple lifestyle changes can then be introduced to lower your high Homocysteine levels naturally.


Metabolic Syndrome Profile

Are you worried about Metabolic Syndrome? Are you overweight? Do you have a genetic predisposition to diabetes, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and are you aged over 50? If this sound familiar, you could be at risk of Metabolic Syndrome. Find out your risk now with the Metabolic Syndrome Profile.