Thyroid Testing


Total Thyroid Screen

This test analyses serum levels of TSH, total T4, free T4, free T3, anti-TG antibodies, and anti-TPO antibodies, to assess central and peripheral thyroid function, as well as thyroid auto-immunity.


Adrenal Thyroid Profile

Have you been pushing yourself too hard? Are you exhausted all the time? Are your hormones out of balance?  This tests combines the Adrenal Stress Profile, (salivary cortisol and DHEA) with an assessment of urinary T3 levels.


Thyroid Plus Profile

This test is a more cost effective way of combining the Total Thyroid Screen with add on reverse T3 to give the full picture of thyroid health status.


Thyroid Hormones 24 Hour Urine

The elevation of thyroid hormone levels in urine assesses tissue exposure to thyroid hormones over a 24-hour period.The urine thyroid test, therefore, serves as a valuable tool for detecting whether you’re suffering from thyroid dysfunction, particularly low-grade hypothyroidism.


Thyroid Hormones With Iodine

Iodine is an essential trace element, vital for healthy thyroid function. Adequate levels are required to enable the Urinary T3 levels are a sensitive measure of the active thyroid hormone, which can give an accurate reflection of overall thyroid hormone levels.



Reverse T3

Many people can experience high reverse T3 because they are stressed. Stress makes TSH less reliable. Measuring only TSH and T4 is a poor indicator of what is actually going on, because it doesn’t reflect what is happening inside your cells. This test will assess your levels of reverse T3.